The Key Ingredient to Create Unstoppable Success

January 3, 2020


My word/intention for 2019 was commitment, and it certainly reflected the year well. 2019 was my first full year as a full-time business owner, I completed my master's degree, and ended the year by saying 'yes' to marry my fiancé. 


This year also taught me some major lessons regarding commitment. I saw where I was more committed to what others thought versus fully expressing myself, how I was committed to playing it safe instead following my heart, and where I was still committed to seeking things externally that could only be found within myself.

All of this was a beautiful blessing because it showed me what I'm REALLY committed to, and these commitments are straight from the heart and soul. Not based on what I 'should' want, any arbitrary standard of success, or what my ego tries to me I need to feel 'good enough.'


This brings me to you. What if I told you that your goal-setting challenges have nothing to do with what all the 'experts' say that you struggle with? You don't have a procrastination/lack of follow-through/laziness problem. Instead you're not creating goals that you're truly committed to and that are not fully aligned with who you are!


The number one reason why your goals fail is because they lack heart, soul, your authentic values and true motivations from the start of the process. No perfect 'S.M.A.R.T' goal or strategy can make up for a goal without this key ingredient. 


This is what ultimately drives your commitment, and allows you to move forward with grace ease, and even fun, instead of always fighting for your success. 


To create a roadmap to success that actually works, it requires opening your heart to what you truly desire and becoming fully clear and invested on your 'why', along with letting go of operating from fear (pushing, struggling, and hustling) to 'get there.' That's why I've included a series of powerful questions to support you with this process and create your roadmap for 2020!


To create your 2020 roadmap, I invite you to schedule an appointment with yourself. Open a fresh page in your journal, and write your answers to the following questions. Allow the words to flow, and rather than answering from your head, answer from your heart.


  • Visualize: Flash forward into the future and imagine you are 80 years old and looking back on your life: What is most important for you to have experienced and accomplished? What is it that you ultimately want to create in your life? What do you need to lead your fullest life? 

  • Reflect: Looking back on 2019, how did you honor this vision and what are ways that you deviated from what you truly want? What happened?

  • Focus: If you could create anything in 2020 to make it your best year yet and be fully aligned with what you want your life to be, what would that be? Why are you committed to this?

  • Be Honest: What is the single biggest thing that is holding you back from achieving this? What is the resistance that you are likely to encounter as you move forward?

  • Action: How are you going to translate what you want into commitment and action? What do you need to believe to be fully bought in on the inevitability of your success? How will you let go of what's no longer serving you?


May your 2020 be free from settling, hiding and playing it safe, and let yourself be committed in the most boldest and brightest way you can be!


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