Should You Start a Business Part II: Practical Planning for Your Success

November 25, 2019



When I first started my business, I remember being overwhelmed with all the things I needed to learn in order to be successful. What is a 'sales funnel'? How do I generate 'leads'? What's the right way to set goals? What I've learned is that all of this is only as complicated as you make it to be, and with simple and consistent strategies, growing a business can be easy and fun! 


In Part II of the 'Should You Start a Business?' series, I cover the basics of practical tools that you can utilize to plan for your business success, whether you're considering starting one, transitioning to full-time or want to take your biz to the next level. In this session, we talk about the type of goals and planning needed to propel you and your business forward, the processes and systems you want to put in place from the start, and how make the right 'practical' decisions to ensure your personal and professional success when navigating a growing business.

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5:30: The 'It Depends' Questions: How much money should I save to go full-time, what do I need to accomplish before going full-time, what do I do for health insurance, etc. Learn why I don't answer these questions for you and why you shouldn't let anyone else answer them for you either!


13:00 What do you need to feel comfortable to take that leap in your business?


17:00 The thing you NEED to do first before setting any goals


18:00: How to set the right goals that will ensure your success


21:00: The exact process I use to do my monthly, weekly, and daily planning


23:00 The five things that MUST be in place to ensure effective execution and follow-through on your goals 


29:00: The processes and systems you want to put in place from the start in your business


36:00: Your revenue-generating activities: the simplest way to create a sales journey for potential clients


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