What Does it Mean to 'Love or Leave your Job'?

October 22, 2019

As a coach, my dream is to support you to choose YOU, achieve your dreams, and create the life that you truly want, instead of living according to fear, limitation and scarcity. 


I spent most of my life living by a set of rules that I thought would lead to happiness, fulfillment, and success. I decided that certain choices were the 'right' ones and that I was only 'acceptable' if I acted and showed up in a certain way. As a result, my life looked great on the outside, but internally, I was dissatisfied, frustrated, and stuck. I thought there was something wrong with me for not being 'happy enough' with what others seemed to be totally fine with. 


Through my own journey, I've learned that, contrary to societal advice, you don't have to play it safe, compromise yourself, or settle for less than what you truly want.  There is a much easier way to create a career and life that enables you to reach your full potential, which was never taught to you in school nor in the workplace.


This is why I'm rolling out the 'Love Your Job or Leave it' series in my private FB community, which will provide you with tips and tools on how to navigate all of your  challenges and questions in this area. 


This series is for you if want to achieve your dreams, create a meaningful impact, and play bigger, however, you're stuck on the 'how do I get there?, 'what does this even look like?,' and 'who am I to have this?' 'Loving or Leaving your Job' isn't just about your job. It's about YOU making the right choices that align with who you truly are so that you can create work AND a life that you love!


You can join the FB group here to participate! 



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