The Reasons Why You Don't Have Clarity & What You Can Do to Fix it

October 7, 2019




One of the biggest problems I help my clients solve is becoming clear on what they truly want and defining the right actions for how they want to get there--whether deciding if it's time to leave their jobs and what to do next, figuring out how to translate their vague ideas into a real business, or learning how to make the right decisions to love the job they're in. 


I know from personal experience that without clarity, you waste time and energy 'trying to figure it out,' spinning in circles, and wind up feeling stuck, frustrated, and full of doubt, getting nowhere as a result. 


This is why I recently launched the Get Clarity series in my private FB group, to give members the tools and coaching to gain the clarity they need to move forward in their careers, businesses, and lives. In this blog post, I'm sharing the live training I facilitated in the series to help you understand the top reasons why you're feeling stuck and lacking clarity, and what you can do instead to move forward.


3:20: Reason #1: The problem is not the 'problem.'


7:55: Reason #2: You're stuck inside the box.


16:30: Reason # 3: Your inner critic is the decision maker.


26:00: Reason #4: You're not taking the right action...or any action at all!


35:00: Reason #5: You're not doing the work.


45:00: Learn more about the free breakthrough call I'm offering to all who watch this training! This is an opportunity to be coached by me, get all your questions answers, and have a real 'breakthrough' so that you can take your next step forward. 


If you want to schedule your free breakthrough call with me (go to 45:00 in the training to learn more), you can grab a spot directly on my calendar.










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