Stop Neglecting Your Potential for ‘Practicality’

June 21, 2019


In a recent group coaching session, one of my clients proudly announced her decision to pursue her passion of becoming a certified coach. She wanted to follow this path for years but had always delayed enrollment because it didn’t seem to be ‘practical’ due to timing or other reasons. She revealed that by finally putting herself and what she wanted first, she saw that her perception of what was practical was the only thing holding her back from living out her passion.


How many times have you rationalized a choice based on ‘logical’ reasons while sacrificing yourself and your aspirations in the process?


Rationalizing is one of the ways that fear disguises itself in an attempt to protect us and keep us safe from failure or risk. Unfortunately, while this may make us feel 'safe,' there is often a huge personal cost to living within the lines of practicality. As revealed in my client’s story, when we question our perceptions and beliefs, we can let go of the illusions of logic and rationality to make decisions that bring us towards what we truly envision for ourselves rather than acting in avoidance of what could happen. 


In this video blog, I share my own story of how I almost settled for ‘practicality,’ and discuss how you can audit yourself to ensure that you’re not neglecting your passion and potential in the name of playing it safe.  




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