Get Unstuck & Take your First Step Forward

May 6, 2019


  • Is your focus on how things will work out paralyzing you from taking any action?

  • Do you get hung up on the expectation that you should have everything figured out before moving forward?

  • Do you hide behind ‘I’m not sure what I want’ or ‘I don’t know’ as reasons to stay stuck?


First, it’s perfectly normal to experience any of the above as you’re considering your next steps in your career and life. In a world where we’re regularly exposed to everyone’s ‘highlight reel’, we can easily buy into the misconception that the path to success is supposed to be nice, neat, and perfect. This can lead to putting unrealistic pressure on ourselves that we’re supposed to have all the answers and every step of the way figured out before we move forward.


In reality, the road to success and the process of growth is messy, challenging, and has many ups and downs along the way. However, when we embrace the mess and get clear on our ‘why,’ we can take decisive action and trust that things will unfold exactly how they’re supposed to. In this video blog, I talk about the different ways that we get stuck on the ‘how’ and share a few simple tips to help you re-align your focus so that you can take your first steps forward!


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