"Lead the Life You Love"

 Group Program  

Applications Close for the 2020 Cohort on 3/25/20!

As a woman leader, you know that you're meant for more and that your status quo is no longer serving you. You want a career that is exciting, fulfilling and engaging, and that fully uses your unique strengths and talents to create a positive and lasting impact. You want to know that you’re advancing on the right path forward, fully confident and clear on your direction and reaching your full potential. You want to stop second-guessing and finally be certain in yourself so that you can love your work, find balance that works for you, and succeed while being authentic to who you truly are.

However, the career advice you were told you ‘should’ follow isn’t leading you to achieve the happiness, fulfillment and balance that you truly desire. There is so much noise around what success should look like and a laundry list of all the right things you should be doing in your life. With all this, no wonder you’re at a crossroads, feeling indecisive, doubtful, and stressed out when determining what direction to follow and which path is right for you.


Contrary to popular advice, you don’t have to lower your expectations, compromise yourself, or struggle your way to ‘the top’ to become successful. Instead, there is an easier way to move through what’s keeping you stuck so you can trade your uncertainty, doubt, and indecision for clarity, confidence and results.

This 1-year leadership program is unlike any other and is designed to support smart and ambitious women like yourself to leave your ‘shoulds’, rules and expectations behind so that you can lead your life and career in the direction you want to go. Alongside a group of likeminded and supportive women, you will receive all the coaching, guidance, tools and strategies that you need to take decisive action forward to confidently create your next steps, achieve real and lasting success, and lead a life that YOU love!

Through this program, you will:

  • Define what success truly looks like and translate your vague ideas into the right goals for you so that you can succeed in doing what you love, without compromising yourself;

  • Get unstuck from over-thinking and ‘trying to figure it out’ but getting nowhere, and instead take the right actions to create change, whether it’s ditching your job, growing your business, or thriving in your current role;

  • Beat burnout, upgrade your habits, overcome imposter syndrome, and quit the procrastination that is holding you back from you what you want;

  • Get motivated, inspired and focused to achieve your goals, instead of feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel that never ends; 

  • Lead your life unapologetically and confidently while taking action that aligns with who you truly are and gets you exactly where you want to go!


The Program Includes:

  • Three (3) group coaching sessions each month (video calls), which include:

    • Topical sessions to address overarching group challenges and support areas;

    • Q+A sessions to answer all your questions, receive feedback from the group, and 1:1 personalized ‘hot seat coaching’ on whatever you need most;

  • Customized tools, worksheets, and strategies to utilize in between sessions and create immediate results in your life;  

  • An individualized plan and roadmap, and ongoing accountability to ensure that you’re hitting your milestones to achieve your desired results; 

  • Unlimited coaching support from Christa via email in between sessions;

  • A community of women who truly support you and recognize your value, while also holding you accountable to your commitments;

  • Recordings of all sessions so you have unlimited access;

  • Additional bonuses throughout the program.

Hear From Christa's Clients

Courtney Hall, www.lifestoocourt.com: Before starting to work with Christa, I was dissatisfied with my job because it wasn’t what I had originally set out to do with my career. Naturally, I assumed that the solution to my problem was to find a new job in a field more in line with what I thought I "should" be doing. However, after coaching began, I realized that the source of my unhappiness at work wouldn’t be solved simply by finding a new job, and rather, I was meant to take much bigger risks by starting my own business. Through coaching, Christa challenged my thinking and the alternative options she presented were eye opening, which opened the door to so many other possibilities. It was through these moments of clarity that helped me to gain the confidence I needed to take more risks and shed what was holding me back. Through coaching, we identified ways to redirect my energy toward something more fulfilling, which has led to dramatic changes in my life. As a result, I quit my job, started my own business, pursued a new field of work and moved to a different country! I highly recommend Christa if you are interested in identifying your own soul-aligned passion- or maybe you already know it and just need guidance to get you there!


Chelsea P. I chose to work with Christa because I felt lost in my career and was facing serious burnout from working a job with long hours and high stress. With Christa’s guidance, I was able to gain more clarity on my values and purpose and how I could find a career path that aligned with those values. I stopped spending all of my energy at a job that no longer served me, and instead took steps towards achieving my next goals. My favorite part of our work together was her energy and enthusiasm for helping me navigate my career and personal life in a time where I felt stuck. I could not have gotten to where I am today without working with her and can’t believe all that I learned and changed over the past year.  She empowered me to make the changes I wanted to see and gave me the tools for future success. As a result of coaching, I gained clarity on how to tie my personal values into my career, learned how to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and I quit my job to move to a new city and pursue my dream of obtaining an MBA!

Maura  Before working with Christa, I was at a turning point in my life and I felt as if I hit rock bottom and I didn’t know what my next steps should be. I felt stuck at work and I was looking to either go back to graduate school or to apply for a more challenging position. I thought I knew exactly who I was but Christa really delved into aspects of my personality and life I was overlooking or didn’t want to fully confront. In our coaching together, Christa was never judgmental or prescriptive in her approach and I really appreciated that. She took a holistic approach to life and career and I would extend Christa’s “career/leadership coach” title to a “life guru.” There is nothing off limits and I really discovered who I was and what I could do in my life with her guidance. I really noticed a difference in my approach to many aspects of my life and since I started working with her, I have traveled abroad alone, I’m moving to a new city to go to my top choice grad school program, and I landed my dream job! I am embracing these changes rather than being hesitant and living in the past (as I was doing before). I could not recommend her coaching enough. I am in a great place in my life and, while Christa didn’t make these changes for me, she supported me wholeheartedly and I am so incredibly appreciative.


Jackie F. In transitioning to a leadership role, I wanted Christa’s help in developing my perception of what makes a great leader and how to get there, as well as overcoming insecurity in stepping into this new role. Through coaching, I was able to become more aware of my inner critic and stress levels at work and now have the tools to manage them and lead. I have much more confidence in my capabilities to lead a team and know exactly what to do when I start feeling lost. Christa is pretty much your modern fairy godmother . She gives you the confidence to be who you are in the workplace and transforms your self-perception to one that is truthful, powerful, and proud. I’ve learned that I can be my own type of leader, rather than any stereotype. By listening and tailoring her coaching, Christa helped me achieve many personal and career goals. Long after our sessions were over, I still have all the tools needed to stay focused and prioritized.

I’m selecting a group of success-minded, supportive, and committed women who are ready to invest in themselves and take their next leap forward in their life and leadership.

This program is by application only – and the final round of applications ends on 3/25/20.
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