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Christa's free online and offline communities give you a taste of what it's like to work with Christa as your coach, and provide you with content, tools, and coaching to help you get out of your own way and take control of your life to create the results you want!

Women Leaders: Love Your Job or Leave it

Are you tired of the same old networking events and boring ‘surface level’ professional development trainings? Do you want to create real changes in your work/life and are looking for the guidance and support to get there? 

Facilitated by Christa Davis, “Women Leaders: Love your Job or Leave it” is a community for women leaders who are serious about investing in themselves and are ready to do what it takes to create lives and work they love--whether learning how to truly love the work you’re in, or gaining the clarity and confidence to leave your job and step into your dream!

In this group, we talk about how to overcome the REAL stuff that holds you back from moving forward, and how to take the right actions to create the success that you deserve. Each month offers 1-2 workshops on a topic related to your personal/professional development needs. Topic requests are welcomed and encouraged! You will walk away from each event with new connections, tailored insight and actionable tools to achieve your goals.

Online Facebook Group: Lead the Life You Love with Christa Davis! 

‘Lead the Live You Love with Christa Davis’ is an online community for women who are ready to create work and lives they love! Christa believes that life is too short to settle for anything less than your dreams, which is why she created this community--to help women grow, learn and support each other in taking the next leaps forward in their work & life! In this group, members receive regular support from each other and customized guidance and tools from Christa in order to tackle their biggest challenges and celebrate their successes.