Maximize Your Organization's Impact

Far too many organizations fail to reach their highest potential because of a lack of authentic leadership and a disengaged workforce. I partner with organizations to help you increase employee engagement, improve leadership at all levels and become more successful in achieving your bottom line business objectives.


My programs and coaching focus on the intersection of leadership, change and learning in order to maximize your organization’s impact.  Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing impactful and authentic leaders;

  • Driving organizational innovation;

  • Cultivating effective communication skills;

  • Creating a “leadership at all levels” work culture;

  • Improving team dynamics and relationships;

  • Facilitating productive meetings;

  • Strategic planning;

  • Understanding and leveraging intergenerational differences in the workplace.


I also specialize in meeting facilitation and group action-learning to help your organization address current challenges, while concurrently developing your team's skills to effectively solve future problems.